digital marketing, social media

Web marketing services

Digital media is a very powerful tool for marketers to promote our client’s brand and products on the different social channels. Skedge provides professional media content to support and fuel your marketing campaigns.

We have expanded our creative team to cover photography and video productions designed for smaller businesses, yet keeping high definition and image quality standards in our final product.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing

We have a social media package that fits your marketing budget. Based on your business’ reach, your media channels and profile, we design your social media marketing calendar, using your existing content and defined knowledge sources.

Search Engine Optimization

Our brand new websites are optimized from the foundation, but a website needs content-specific organic optimization that we take care of setting up, submitting to search engines and making the content discoverable and available to searches.

Media Content

Media Content Production

Technology has gone a long way in the past 10 years, so that with a relatively low budget we can generate media content, enough to back your social media, direct marketing email campaigns, while keeping your website current and relevant.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Campaigns

We set up your mailing lists and direct marketing tools to engage your clients with your business in a direct relationship, where you can keep them up to date with your mayor changes, best offers, promotions and customer loyalty programs.

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