We’ve assembled a unique team of people working globally to deliver high quality digital design at a fair price.

Skedge de Costa Rica S.A.

Skedge Costa Rica was founded in January 2011 by digital producer Sebastian Horton, in search of a localized solution that can be delivered to almost anywhere in the world, and partnered by colleagues around the globe who share the same love for quality and design. Our experience is soon hitting our 20’s in Costa Rica web design and marketing.

Taking advantage of our online tools, we work with a nice community of talented freelance artists: designers, animators, media producers and web developers with an extensive experience working with world-renowned brands, and a fresh idea of web design and actual www design, UI, UX, SEO optimization, and -of course- their own artistic touch.

Our offshore development quarters in Rakjot, India allow for us to deliver high quality web based applications at a fair price and at a relatively fast pace. However, we personally take care of our client’s requirements, project follow-up, overall quality and customer service from our Costa Rica office. You can contact us on this page.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide cost effective tools and services that empower people to market their brand.

Our Philosophy

We are relaxed and laid back, but we are serious about quality and getting things done.

Questions? Don't hesitate. Ask us.